Discovery Group

Competition taster experience

In recent years, the ‘Discovery Group’ has been developed in British national competitions as a means by which new pilots can get a taste for competition, and develop their skills without committing to the full intensity of officially scored tasks.

New for 2017, and acting on feedback from previous Discovery pilots, rather than running the Discovery group as an entirely separate event as we have done previously, we intend to integrate the group within the main competition tasks as much as possible, whilst providing appropriate modifications to improve accessibility for newcomers. With no formal scoring, Discovery pilots can of course choose not to fly any task you are not comfortable with, but the task catalogue for 2017 provides a framework that enables Discovery pilots to fly the aspects of the main tasks that will help to develop your skills, confidence, and enjoyment in competitions, without pushing you beyond safe limits of your experience level.

Whilst there is no official scoring, discovery pilots will all carry an AMOD GPS logger (provided by us) as do all competitors; where possible within the discovery modifications, their tracks will be input to the scoring system in order to give us data to feed back to pilots as a training aid. We intend to run feedback sessions during the competition to talk Discovery pilots through the tasks you have flown, with insights from experienced team members on how to improve your performance.

Discovery pilots will therefore be under the same directorship as the main championship, and will participate in all task briefings. Each task will be briefed with a ‘Discovery Option’ as a variation to the full task; the specific modifications are detailed with each task in this catalogue, but can be summarised as follows:

Navigation tasks:
Discovery pilots may carry a normal GPS for navigation. You will not be required to make any pre-flight declarations, and durations of flight tasks will be shorter.

Precision tasks:
Discovery pilots do not need to switch off engines for landing tasks, but are encouraged to idle them instead. You do not need to kick the timing sticks in wing control tasks.

Economy tasks:
Discovery pilots may carry a normal GPS for navigation, and durations of flight tasks will be shorter.

Please read through the task catalogue carefully and note the adaptations that have been made to tasks to accommodate Discovery pilots.

So I hope we've convinced you that if you're not sure you're ready for full competition yet, but want to develop your flying skills, the Discovery group is for you! There is no better opportunity to challenge yourself, learn from some of the top paramotor pilots in the world, and set a trajectory for your skills such that in a few short years time you might be one of those sky gods on the podium at an international championship! 

Barney Townsend, July 2017.